Prologue: A long time ago in the world of Cencance there was nothing in existence but light and darkness. Eventually these two great forces began creating land water and life. Light and darkness were enemies as well as gods. The life on there new planet began siding with the gods therefore the world broke out in war. For the safety of the world the two gods were imprisoned in crystals by a great holy Paladin named Morgus LightShade. To keep the gods power out of the hands of evil Morgus founded the Society Of Light. The dark crystal when dropped down a pit by a thief was thought to have been destroyed. The light crystal still resides in the Society’s monastery. To this day the spirit of Morgus Lightshade is still leading the Society Of Light.

Story So Far: You are sent by the Society of Light to an old castle. You search the most of the castle and find nothing. You reach the top floor home of an evil dragon you see him guarded by demons with a dark crystal in his hands which he adsorbs the power of. You barely escape to tell the society what you have seen therefore beginning a great war.

The Crystal War